One-Stop Service for Air Compressor System

MEIWA ENTERPRISE (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. is an authorised distributor of KOBELCO Air Compressor in Thailand. Besides sales and service of KOBELCO air compressors, we also supply air dryers, air filters, air receiver tanks and other  compressed air treatment equipments from CKD, HANKISON, ORION, ANGSTROM and BEKO.

Established in 1989, and with a strong and dedicated workforce of more than 100 staff and 30 service cars, we are confident that we can respond to our customer’s requirements promptly and efficiently. Located only within a short distance from major industrial estates, our large warehouse in Lumlukka Headquarter and our branches in Eastern and Northern part of Thailand have ample stock of spare parts and machines to cater to our customers.

With our strong engineering background and our many years of experiences in designing compressor air system, we can provide expertise on suitable layout, planning and selection of air compressors, air dryers, filters and receiver tanks for maximum initial cost savings, long term energy savings and safety standards.